Survivorman – Cook Islands

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I fired up the Tivo yesterday and watched the newest Survivorman, where Les goes to the Cook Islands. As always, it was entertaining. It’s good to see that men his age are still haven’t grown up, judging from how many … Continued

Ranks – Help me out

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phpBB (the forum software) gives me the ability to create ranks for users with a certain number of posts. I am trying to find some plugins that will let me use more criteria, but post count is all I have … Continued

Target clearancing their summer stuff

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In case any of you do not check Target for clearance items religiously like I do, Target is clearancing all of their summer stuff right now. Not all stores are the same, but the ones around me have most of … Continued

REI Sahara Tech Tee

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I like to wear solid color t-shirts when not at work (OK, at work a lot too). My usual choice for materials has been cotton, especially when you can get high-quality shirts at Target for under $10. They look nice, … Continued

Ultrafire EMR1 Rebel

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It has been well over a week since I last ordered a flashlight, so I starting shaking and going into withdrawal. Luckily, Kaidomain was there to the rescue with the new Ultrafire EMR1. I have seen what the new Rebel … Continued