New Sharp Toys!

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I just got done selling on ebay around $1200 of knives that I have amassed and been disappointed in, so I figured it was about time to replenish my stocks. I ordered five from amazon thanks to the recent deals … Continued

Great knife deals at

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In case anyone reads the blog but avoids the forums, we have several threads that have gone up tonight about some incredible knife deals that has going. They must be trying to clear stock because the prices are way … Continued

Fatwood entry over at wiki

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I just posted an entry all about fatwood over at the wiki. I’m sure it is rife with errors, so feel free to join and correct anything you see that is wrong. One thing that you’ll notice is that I … Continued

Wiki time!

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Well kids, we now have a wiki. Setting it up was a giant pain in my booty thanks to the way my host’s servers are configured, but good ol’ google came to the rescue in the form of a french … Continued