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Our website is finally almost ready to open for business after way too many months of delays. Test orders are going through from end to end tomorrow, so if that goes well, you might be able to start ordering cheap … Continued

Merino wool – the lowdown

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What is so special about merino wool, you ask? Well, here is some information from the wiki article I just wrote for you uninitiated: Merino wool is wool from a merino sheep. Merino clothing has become popular in the outdoor … Continued

Firesteel entry over in wiki

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I added an entry for firesteels over in the wiki. There is a little part about the composition of a firesteel, which I found really interesting when I first discovered the mix. Sarman has also been working hard on adding … Continued

Spyderco Woodlander

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The always wonderful Cove Cutlery had the Sypderco Woodlander as their deal of the day a couple of days ago. I have read several good reviews about the knife and have been overall very happy with the few Spyderco knives … Continued