Dealing with allergies in the wild

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I imagine that I am not the only person that hikes or backpacks with allergies, so I wrote up a little wiki article about dealing with allergies. I am definitely no doctor, so talk to a medical professional if you … Continued

Eclipse + Camera = Fun!

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I spent about two hours outside playing with my dog and taking pics of the full lunar eclipse that happened tonight. Came inside, unloaded the pics to my PC and realized that I had been shooting in the shittiest jpg … Continued

Take a whistle with you!

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I have been taking whistles on trips with me for so long that I take for granted that not everyone does. A whistle weighs next to nothing and can be extremely useful in the wilderness in a normal situation, let … Continued

Review – REI One Jacket

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My favorite jacket for years has been my REI Mistral. It has served me well, and still does, so I haven’t really bothered to look for a new one. Recently, I have been wanting a slightly more burly softshell for … Continued

TGR Winter Clearance

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If any of you happen to be in the Atlanta area, our store is running a clearance tomorrow through Saturday. Prices will be in the REI super clearance ball park since we want to get rid of stuff to make … Continued