Honey (in a Pooh voice)

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I have read in a few places about how good honey is in terms of a quick boost of energy and just being more healthy than most overly processed sugars. Taking a little honey bear on the trail is not … Continued

Outdoor Blog

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I like looking through the sites that link to my blog every now and then, since there are some pretty cool sites out there that I would never find otherwise. One I found today is Mungo Says Bah by a … Continued

Making char cloth

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I know, it is shocking that I am writing about fire, but for once, I didn’t write the article! Buzzy saw one of my videos on youtube and joined the wiki to help out. His first article is about making … Continued

Growing your own food?

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Anyone else grow their own food? We’ve had vegetable gardens for a couple of years now, and starting working on this year’s a couple of weeks ago (seeds were planted inside months ago). We definitely could not subsist off of … Continued

MSR, Therm-a-Rest, Wigwam, Mammut at TGR

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We have a lot of new merchandise on the site from MSR, Therm-a-Rest, Wigwam, and Mammut, including the elusive MSR Hyperflow. We only have four Hyperflows at the moment, but can order as many more as are needed. We have … Continued

Boxer 123x vs. Fenix L1D-CE

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By request, here are a couple of beamshots showing what a handheld HID flashlight can do. The first beamshot is a relatively common light, a Fenix L1D-CE (original, not new Q5 version) on turbo mode with a fresh Energizer lithium … Continued