Small Alcohol and Bug Sprays

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WalMart has a few new small spray products that have intrigued me since I first saw them a while back. While waiting in line for the inevitable five hour checkout, I picked up and looked at every POP (point of … Continued

Leatherman h502 folding knife $23.59 AR

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Amazon has the Leatherman h502 folding knife with sheath for $28.59, with a $5 rebate. Leatherman makes some awesome multi-tools, and their knives are no slouches. It is 420 HC steel, which is not exactly a super steel, but still … Continued

Camping Stuff at Target Dollar Spot

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I usually avoid Target’s Dollar Spot like the plague, since it is mostly complete garbage that would not last past a single use. During the summer, however, they sometimes get some halfway decent stuff meant for the outdoors. This year … Continued

My new outdoor shelter

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OK, so this is not exactly something that I will be taking on a backpacking trip, but it is my shelter in my backyard! I picked up a couple of chair hammocks for my girl’s birthday…two years ago. I finally … Continued

Tritium Vials

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I have been trying to get my grubby little hands on some large tritium vials for about a year now. For the uninitiated, tritium vials are glass tubes filled with tritium gas, a radioactive gas, that excites phosphorescent paint/powder in … Continued

GP Flickr Group

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Cat (from the forums) suggested that I create a better way to share and organize our pictures for the members of GP. PHPBB (the forum software) is not really set up to do something like this, but Flickr is! I … Continued