My Vegetable Garden – Part 7

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I realized that I have been slack about posting my vegetable garden progress here on the blog when I have been posting about it regularly in the forums. Sorry! Here are a million pics from yesterday. Everything is doing pretty … Continued

Knot Tying

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I saw this blog a while back, and promptly forgot about it when something shiny distracted me. A timely post on BF reminded me of its goodness. Stormdrane apparently loves tying knots, and has great videos, pictures, and written tutorials … Continued

Arenal Volcano Video

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It’s super crappy quality and nothing shows up very well, but here is a video shot off my hotel room’s balcony of the active volcano that was in front of our hotel in Arenal, Costa Rica. Discuss in forums

JK’s actually sensible fire kit

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Cat and claraka’s fire kits were pretty ridiculous, so I figured it was about time to start making kits that were actually usable. JK’s is the first one that more closely resembles something that I would actually carry. The case … Continued

Costa Rica – Appetite Whetting

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I probably should have made some mention on the blog for those of you that do not read the forums, but I got married on the 7th and was in Costa Rica for our honeymoon last week. I am working … Continued