ThruNite Catapult v2 Video Review

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The ThruNite Catapult has been a favorite big and bright light since it was originally released. ThruNite recently updated the light, adding quite a few improvements in addition to increasing the output to 1000 lumens. They added a stainless steel … Continued

Man, Woman, Wild, Baby

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Discovery is apparently seeing solid viewership with their survival shows since they recently premiered yet another survival show, this time titled Man, Woman, Wild. The premier episode was last week and was filmed in the Amazon, while this week’s episode … Continued

Backpacking Again

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Thanks to Going Gear, I haven’t overnighted in the woods in over a year.  The last trip we did was last January to Cumberland Island, and calling that roughing it is a stretch.  Now that I have lackeys employees, I … Continued

10 Essentials List

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George over at Modern Combative Systems has posted a nice article about the 10 Essentials that he carries on a daily basis in his self described “Bag of Evil.”  He works as a self defense and tactical trainer, so the … Continued