Spark SL5-180OW & SL5210CW XP-G Flashlight Review Video

Spark initially hit the scene with only headlamps, but now they are venturing into the world of hand held flashlights. The SL5-210CW and the SL5-180OW are two of the new hand held lights that Spark is producing. Both of these … Continued

Zebralight SC31F SC31Fw LED Flashlight Review Video

The Zebralight SC31F and SC31Fw operates exactly the same as its brother, the SC31. The only difference between the SC31F and SC31 is that the “F” version has a flood beam. Instead of having a beam with a definite hot … Continued

Fenix HP11 LED Headlamp Review Video

Headlamps are extremely useful in pretty much any situation where light is needed. The usefulness is no secret as many companies are starting to produce newer and better headlamps each year. One drawback that often comes along with new and … Continued

Zebralight SC600 XM-L LED Flashlight Review Video

Zebralight is one of my all time favorite flashlight companies. Zebralight makes small, no nonsense flashlights which are very high quality and affordable. The SC600 is Zebralight’s biggest torch, yet it’s still smaller than most lights on the market today. … Continued

ThruNite Scorpion Turbohead Review Video

If you’ve ever wanted to make your already insanely bright ThruNite Scorpion even brighter, then you’re in luck. The ThruNite Turbohead has a bigger, smooth reflector which gives you much more throw and a more concentrated beam. The overall output … Continued

Sunwayman V20C LED Flashlight Review Video

Sunwayman does the tactical flashlight right! The V20C strikes me as Sunwayman’s quintessential tactical flashlight. The V20C uses the CREE XM-L LED along with two CR123 lithium batteries to spit out 438 lumens on the max brightness setting. The V20C, … Continued

JETBeam PA40 Carbon Fiber XM-L LED Flashlight Review Video

The JETBeam PA40 features a high end LED along with a high end carbon fiber body with a relatively low end price. Most of the time my favorite lights are the ones that are affordable for everyone. The best flashlight … Continued

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