About the site:

Going Prepared is about having fun in the outdoors, without the “I need to escape from this place immediately” mentality. This site is not about survival. This site is about always being prepared enough to never make it to the survival stage. There are always exceptions to the rule, however, so I will also talk about what to do when your gear fails or when you end up in a place unprepared.

I’ll talk about gear, skills, preparation in the media, and a lot of other miscellaneous stuff. I like to make videos, and am a bit of a pyro, so you will see lots of videos from me about fire. I also have had a flashlight on me at all times since I was born (not much of an exaggeration), so you will see a lot of flashlight videos.

Comments were turned off for the first year and a half of the blog, but they were turned on around the beginning of 2009. One of these days, I need to go back and create a bunch of fake comments on my old posts so I do not seem like a crazy old man sitting on his porch and talking to himself, although that is exactly what I would be doing. Damn!

I also have an accompanying wiki and forums. Not a whole lot goes on in the wiki these days, but there is still some good info in there. The forums are not as big as some of the other outdoor oriented sites, but the members are knowledgeable and friendly and the forums are relatively active, so poke your head in and see what we’re talking about.

About me:

I own and run a little online store called Going Gear that sells camping/backpacking/bushcraft type items. We have a retail store in Smyrna, Georgia, right outside of the Atlanta city limits. Many moons ago, I worked for very large corporations and got tired of that after doing it for a while. I am doing my best to avoid going back to another very large corporation, so I probably work more than I should trying to keep Going Gear successful.

I spent a lot of my childhood outside, with several weeks a year camping, scouting, fishing, and hiking. I love the outdoors and would spend every weekend walking around in the woods if I could. Maybe someday I will just get tired of technology and find a secluded cave somewhere in the Appalachians.

I have never spent six months in the bush, living off of the land with just a knife and a firesteel, trading beaver pelts with the locals for ammunition and medicine. I have not hiked the Appalachian Trail (not all of it at once, anyway) or the Pacific Crest Trail. I know how to make fire using several friction methods, but I prefer a lighter. I have never killed a wild animal for food, unless you count fish.

I do have a little bit of common sense though. It makes my inner child cry when I go on a hike and see a family soaked to the bone because they do not have rain gear even though it had been raining for the past seven days straight, including the moment they left their house to the moment they started the hike. This blog and the accompanying forums are about making sure you are not that family. I want people to be able to enjoy the outdoors like I do, and having a few bad experiences in the beginning can turn you off of the outdoors for a lifetime.

I talk about gear more than skills thanks to Going Gear, but I am happy to talk about anything you want to learn about in the forums. If you want me to discuss something on the blog, I can do that too.

Enjoy the site, and let me know what you think in the comments!