Hooray for changes

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Well, time for some more changes. I changed the format of the site, and might continue messing with it. I also turned on comments, since I know that a lot of blog visitors do not visit the forums. The google … Continued

BC read GP

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Well, here is some relatively definitive proof that someone at Backcountry reads Going Prepared. OK, maybe he did a google search, but I can hope! Rocky and anyone else, join the board and make yourself known. We love BC and … Continued

Pocket Chainsaws in stock!

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I just received a shipment of Pocket Chainsaws for the store. If you are not familiar with the pocket chainsaw, here is a thread about them from a while back. Discuss in forums

GP Flickr Group

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Cat (from the forums) suggested that I create a better way to share and organize our pictures for the members of GP. PHPBB (the forum software) is not really set up to do something like this, but Flickr is! I … Continued

Where are you?

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Talk about a get together in the forums made me start wondering where the five people that read this blog are from. Please do me a big favor and add yourself to the map below so I can satisfy my … Continued

Topic Ideas?

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I have been slack lately in the useful posts. I have a couple of already requested ones queued up after I figure out some technical issues, but not much after that. Is there anything anyone wants me to write about? … Continued

Forum Upgrades

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I finally got my lazy butt around to upgrading the forum software over the last few days and finished it up tonight. If you are new to the site, be sure to check out the forums, since there are some … Continued

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