Fall Camping Essentials

We are finally getting our first cold snap here in Georgia, and by that I mean for the first day in months it’s not going to break into the 90s. Later this week it’s supposed to be in the mid … Continued

Icebreaker Tech T Lite

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I picked up an Icebreaker Tech T Lite recently in my never-ending pursuit of the perfect T-shirt. Dare I say it, this might be the one. I was working in the yard and wearing one my my REI Sahara Tech … Continued

REI Sahara Tech Tee

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I like to wear solid color t-shirts when not at work (OK, at work a lot too). My usual choice for materials has been cotton, especially when you can get high-quality shirts at Target for under $10. They look nice, … Continued


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I was poking around Bladeforums and saw a post about this. Looks like a very cool (tee hee) concept, if it actually works. I am just wondering how well it works in obnoxiously humid environments, which is where I spend … Continued