Fall Camping Essentials

We are finally getting our first cold snap here in Georgia, and by that I mean for the first day in months it’s not going to break into the 90s. Later this week it’s supposed to be in the mid … Continued

Cheap watertight containers

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Like many other things, I have an unnatural obsession with containers. I keep most sturdy, usable containers from products that I buy, and I will even admit to buying stuff [i]just so I can get the container it’s in[/i]. One … Continued

Garden Update Part 8

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Here’s the pics from this week. We had tragedy strike today from what the wife tells me. A zucchini plant that I staked up has snapped in half, and she does not think it can be stuck back together and … Continued

My Vegetable Garden – Part 7

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I realized that I have been slack about posting my vegetable garden progress here on the blog when I have been posting about it regularly in the forums. Sorry! Here are a million pics from yesterday. Everything is doing pretty … Continued

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