Olight i2 i3 EOS LED Flashlight Review Video

The Olight i2 and i3 are essentially the same light. The main difference between the two is the power source. The i2 is powered by one AA battery, and the i3 is powered by one AAA battery. Both lights have … Continued

JETBeam RRT-15 Raptor LED Flashlight Review Video

The JETBeam RRT-15 is the upgraded version of the RRT-1. The new upgrades improve the functionality immensely and also provide higher output than the previous version of this light. The RRT-15 is now equipped with a CREE XM-L LED which … Continued

JETBeam RRT-21 Raptor LED Flashlight Review Video

The RRT-21 is JETBeam’s new super pocket light. Most of JETBeam’s lights are very bright for their size, but the RRT-21 is on another level. Using a CREE XM-L LED and two CR123 lithium batteries, the RRT-21 spits out 460 … Continued

Osprey Manta 30 Hydraulics Pack Review Video

The Osprey Manta 30  is easily one of our favorite hydration packs. When most people hear “hydration pack” they think Camelbak or Maxpedition. While both of those companies do make great hydration packs, sometimes being a little different is a … Continued

Spark SL6-740NW & SL6-800CW XM-L Flashlight Review Video

Spark is a new comer in the world of high end flashlights, but they are bursting onto the scene with some really great offerings. The SL6-740NW and the SL6-800CW are two very high output torches at a super affordable price. … Continued

Spark ST6-460NW & ST6-500CW XM-L Headlamp Review Video

The ST6-460NW and the ST6-500CW are two of Spark’s highest output headlamps. Just like their other series of headlamps, these two are almost identical in every way except for output and beam color. Both lights are powered by an 18650 … Continued

Spark ST6-280OW & ST6-360CW XP-G Flashlight Review Video

The Spark ST6-280OW and ST6-360CW don’t differ all that much from Spark’s other headlamps in operation or functionality. The difference in these two lights is the power source and max output. The 280OW and 360CW are both powered by an … Continued

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