Task Force CREE at Lowes

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Looks like the first CREE (that I have heard of, at least) has popped up on the American big box retailer market. For the uninitiated, the CREE LED is much brighter than the standard high-powered LED (Luxeon) you see in … Continued

Ultrafire EMR1 Rebel

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It has been well over a week since I last ordered a flashlight, so I starting shaking and going into withdrawal. Luckily, Kaidomain was there to the rescue with the new Ultrafire EMR1. I have seen what the new Rebel … Continued

Flashlights that start fires

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If you frequent candlepowerforums.com, this is nothing new to you, but I thought it was pretty cool. We had some friends over last night and I was showing off my flashlights that I had built from Mag bodies. One of … Continued

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