What $3 will get you

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I was at Wal*Mart recently and made my obligatory stop in the sporting goods section to see if they had any new goodies. Lo and behold, they had a rack in the middle of the section filled with clearanced crap … Continued

Spyderco Woodlander

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The always wonderful Cove Cutlery had the Sypderco Woodlander as their deal of the day a couple of days ago. I have read several good reviews about the knife and have been overall very happy with the few Spyderco knives … Continued

New Sharp Toys!

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I just got done selling on ebay around $1200 of knives that I have amassed and been disappointed in, so I figured it was about time to replenish my stocks. I ordered five from amazon thanks to the recent deals … Continued

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