4Sevens Quark 123^2 Turbo Satin Titanium S3 LED Flashlight Review Video

As you can see from the extra long title, this review covers the satin limited edition version of the Quark 123 turbo. This light was very similar to the regular production Quark 123 turbo, but it did have a few … Continued

4Sevens Quark MiniX 123 XM-L LED Flashlight Review Video

The Quark MiniX is just one of those lights that a person can’t fully comprehend until they see it. The amount of light that comes out of this thumb sized torch is truly something you have to witness to believe. … Continued

Backpacking Again

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Thanks to Going Gear, I haven’t overnighted in the woods in over a year.  The last trip we did was last January to Cumberland Island, and calling that roughing it is a stretch.  Now that I have lackeys employees, I … Continued

Shark Teeth!

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As a follow up to the previous post, here are a couple of pics of the shark teeth we gathered. Most are from the road, a few are from the dredgings. In case you are wondering, yes, we were allowed … Continued

Trip Report – Cumberland Island, GA

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My wife and I spent the past few days on Cumberland Island, one of our favorite places to go for some quality wilderness time. For those not familiar with the island, Cumberland is mostly a national park, with the only … Continued

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