Cutter Picaridin Pump 2 Pack – $.83 at REI Oulet

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The credit goes to Cat on this one, but REI has a 2-pack of Cutter Picaridin Pump Sprays for $.83. If you have never used this stuff, I highly recommend it. I have completely stopped using DEET in favor of this. It does not stink, is not oily, will not melt plastic, and you do not feel like you need a long shower after wearing it all day. It does not repel for as long as DEET according to independent tests, but I can live with that in favor of the other things it has going for it.

In my completely unprofessional experience, Picaridin worked when DEET and lemon eucalyptus did not, but the bugs in the area probably were just not used to it yet. I swear the ticks on the GA coast can bathe in DEET with no issues.

I already ordered 20 (yes, seriously), so you guys have at it.