Michael Scott, Ultimate Survivor

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Michael Scott (Steve Carell) went on his own little survival mission on NBC’s “The Office” last night. His boss snubbed him by not inviting him to a camping retreat that all other branch managers were invited to, and instead invited … Continued

New Man Vs Wild Friday Night

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Looks like Bear is back. The new voice overs that I am guessing Discovery mandated should keep the ridiculousness in check, so I am hoping to learn some new stuff or at least be entertained. The first new one is … Continued

Dehydrated Backpacker Meals

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I ate dehydrated backpacker meals for several meals in a row for the first time on my BNR trip. I had always just carried the extra weight to avoid eating them, but figured food was an easy way to save … Continued

REI Outlet Super Secret Sale

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REI sent me an email about the super secret sale they have going on in their outlet at the moment. Use code SECRET7 to get 20% off the selected items. With the coupon, prices around their super clearance levels, so … Continued

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