La Crosse BC-900 $39.99 at

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Amazon has the La Crosse BC-900 battery charger that has been mentioned a few times in other threads for $39.99 right now. They like to make the price jump around, but $39.99 is about as low as it goes, so … Continued

Wind King Rope Lighter

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I know it is a huge shocker that a pyro would have this happen, but I got a new fire making toy in the mail recently. It is called the Wind King Rope Lighter, and judging from the packing, it … Continued

The importance of comfort

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My father and I are going on a backpacking trip for about a week in a couple of weeks. This is his first backpacking trip in many moons, so he does not have piles of gear threatening to overtake his … Continued

Icebreaker Tech T Lite

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I picked up an Icebreaker Tech T Lite recently in my never-ending pursuit of the perfect T-shirt. Dare I say it, this might be the one. I was working in the yard and wearing one my my REI Sahara Tech … Continued

Survivorman – Cook Islands

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I fired up the Tivo yesterday and watched the newest Survivorman, where Les goes to the Cook Islands. As always, it was entertaining. It’s good to see that men his age are still haven’t grown up, judging from how many … Continued

Ranks – Help me out

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phpBB (the forum software) gives me the ability to create ranks for users with a certain number of posts. I am trying to find some plugins that will let me use more criteria, but post count is all I have … Continued

Target clearancing their summer stuff

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In case any of you do not check Target for clearance items religiously like I do, Target is clearancing all of their summer stuff right now. Not all stores are the same, but the ones around me have most of … Continued

REI Sahara Tech Tee

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I like to wear solid color t-shirts when not at work (OK, at work a lot too). My usual choice for materials has been cotton, especially when you can get high-quality shirts at Target for under $10. They look nice, … Continued

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