Ultrafire EMR1 Rebel

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It has been well over a week since I last ordered a flashlight, so I starting shaking and going into withdrawal. Luckily, Kaidomain was there to the rescue with the new Ultrafire EMR1. I have seen what the new Rebel … Continued

Survivorman – African Plains

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I think Les is tired of surviving with just a knife and the clothes on his back. He was, once again, very well equipped. Multiple cutting tools, first aid kit, bottle, fire starting method, a HOT AIR BALOON, etc. Despite … Continued

Survivorman – Labrador

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I fired up the Tivo earlier and watched the Labrador episode. I thought it was one of the better ones. It was nice to see that he took a survival kit with him to show how helpful they can be, … Continued


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I was poking around Bladeforums and saw a post about this. Looks like a very cool (tee hee) concept, if it actually works. I am just wondering how well it works in obnoxiously humid environments, which is where I spend … Continued

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