4Sevens Maelstrom X10 XM-L Flashlight Review Video

The Maelstrom X10 is virtually the same light as 4Seven’s popular S12, but with one major change. The X10 features the new CREE XM-L LED while the S12 uses a Luminous SST-90. The smaller XM-L LED of the X10 will … Continued

Las Vegas Desert Flashlight Small Thrower Comparison

Back again in the dark desert of Nevada. Just outside of Las Vegas we tested large and small throwers. This video is about the latter. If you’ve wondered how the smaller throwers compare to each other then you will definitely … Continued

4Sevens Quark 123^2 Turbo Satin Titanium S3 LED Flashlight Review Video

As you can see from the extra long title, this review covers the satin limited edition version of the Quark 123 turbo. This light was very similar to the regular production Quark 123 turbo, but it did have a few … Continued

4Sevens Quark Mini123 Satin Titanium S3 LED Flashlight Review Video

The satin titanium Mini123 was a limited edition version of the regular black Mini123 that 4Sevens is still producing. What set this light apart from the current production model is the satin titanium finish along with the S3 emitter. The … Continued