Fall Camping Essentials

We are finally getting our first cold snap here in Georgia, and by that I mean for the first day in months it’s not going to break into the 90s. Later this week it’s supposed to be in the mid … Continued

Spark ST6-460NW & ST6-500CW XM-L Headlamp Review Video

The ST6-460NW and the ST6-500CW are two of Spark’s highest output headlamps. Just like their other series of headlamps, these two are almost identical in every way except for output and beam color. Both lights are powered by an 18650 … Continued

Spark ST6-280OW & ST6-360CW XP-G Flashlight Review Video

The Spark ST6-280OW and ST6-360CW don’t differ all that much from Spark’s other headlamps in operation or functionality. The difference in these two lights is the power source and max output. The 280OW and 360CW are both powered by an … Continued

Spark ST5-180OW & ST5-210CW XP-G Flashlight Review Video

Spark is known for making very high quality headlamps and they are now entering the world of high end flashlights. Their headlamps have become popular because they are high quality, reliable, and most of all affordable. Spark makes headlamps that … Continued

Zebralight SC31F SC31Fw LED Flashlight Review Video

The Zebralight SC31F and SC31Fw operates exactly the same as its brother, the SC31. The only difference between the SC31F and SC31 is that the “F” version has a flood beam. Instead of having a beam with a definite hot … Continued

Fenix HP11 LED Headlamp Review Video

Headlamps are extremely useful in pretty much any situation where light is needed. The usefulness is no secret as many companies are starting to produce newer and better headlamps each year. One drawback that often comes along with new and … Continued