JETBeam PA40 Carbon Fiber XM-L LED Flashlight Review Video

The JETBeam PA40 features a high end LED along with a high end carbon fiber body with a relatively low end price. Most of the time my favorite lights are the ones that are affordable for everyone. The best flashlight … Continued

Flashlight Comparison Round 2

The world of high end, high output flashlights can be sort of overwhelming. There are a ton of options which can make it very difficult to choose the right light for you when the time comes. To remedy this problem … Continued

JETBeam Jet III M 3M XM-L Flashlight Review Video

The JETBeam Jet III 3M XM-L (that’s a mouth full) is the definition of a pocket rocket. The Jet3 is a fairly small and very pocketable light. Most of the time small lights don’t have a whole lot of bragging … Continued

Eagletac P20A2 MKII XM-L Flashlight Review Video

The EagleTac P20A2 is the light for the people that want very high output with batteries that are easily replaceable. The P20A2 is functionally the same as the popular P20C2, except for the fact that it utilizes 2 AA cells … Continued

ThruNite Catapult v3 XM-L Neutral Review Video

The ThruNite Catapult v3 is a mega output torch with a neutral tint LED. The Catapult v3 still utilizes the CREE XM-L LED, but instead of having the normal cool tint that most LEDS have, this torch has a whiter … Continued

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