Spark SL6-740NW & SL6-800CW XM-L Flashlight Review Video

Spark is a new comer in the world of high end flashlights, but they are bursting onto the scene with some really great offerings. The SL6-740NW and the SL6-800CW are two very high output torches at a super affordable price. … Continued

Spark ST6-460NW & ST6-500CW XM-L Headlamp Review Video

The ST6-460NW and the ST6-500CW are two of Spark’s highest output headlamps. Just like their other series of headlamps, these two are almost identical in every way except for output and beam color. Both lights are powered by an 18650 … Continued

Spark ST6-280OW & ST6-360CW XP-G Flashlight Review Video

The Spark ST6-280OW and ST6-360CW don’t differ all that much from Spark’s other headlamps in operation or functionality. The difference in these two lights is the power source and max output. The 280OW and 360CW are both powered by an … Continued

Spark ST5-180OW & ST5-210CW XP-G Flashlight Review Video

Spark is known for making very high quality headlamps and they are now entering the world of high end flashlights. Their headlamps have become popular because they are high quality, reliable, and most of all affordable. Spark makes headlamps that … Continued

Spark SL5-190NW & SL5-220CW XM-L Flashlight Review Video

TheĀ  SL5-190NW and the SL5-220CW are two of Spark’s newest lights. The SL5 series runs off of one AA cell making battery changes easy and inexpensive. The 190NW and 220CW both utilize the CREE XM-L LED giving these lights more … Continued

Spark SL5-180OW & SL5210CW XP-G Flashlight Review Video

Spark initially hit the scene with only headlamps, but now they are venturing into the world of hand held flashlights. The SL5-210CW and the SL5-180OW are two of the new hand held lights that Spark is producing. Both of these … Continued